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Greg Lindberg: The Humble Founder of Eli Global

Many successful entrepreneurs and businessmen have made a name in the business world because of their story that can be read in many publications, blogs or even be highlighted on talk show or in the news.

Read more as we talk about Greg Lindberg and the Eli Global.

A MagnaCum laude graduate in economics at Yale University that bootstrapped his own company that now is known as Eli Global, the last among five siblings born in San Mateo California and now a resident in North Carolina, is Greg Lindberg, also known to be one of the most successful entrepreneurs.

Eli Global company was actually started by Greg Lindberg when he was still studying at Yale as a small health insurance compliance and reimbursement newsletter business for a start of only $5,000. He was successful in bringing in over a million per year profit that led now to the success of Eli Global.

To make use of the profits he gained, he decided to invest in acquisitions of business that made his company grow even bigger, business like health care services, physician practice, publishing, business information, collections, niche manufacturing financial services, and many more. What started with only one employee in 1993, Eli Global now have employed more than 7,000 and have established other companies in other countries in Central America and the United States, in Europe and the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Australia and even in the Middle East.

Greg Lindberg is known to be a non-partisan person who supports Republican political candidates by means of donating a good sum of money, in fact, in the 2017 election, he donated $890,000 to the state GOP, and other Republican politicians aspiring for a government position which makes 90% of his donations for Republicans. The North Carolina Black Caucus Foundation have schools where Greg Lindberg pledge $20, 000 known as Black Caucus Scholarship.

Greg Lindberg is a low profile successful entrepreneur who shares his blessings in a very subtle way that many of whom he helped haven’t even known his identity and that makes him a more remarkable person with a heart to help.

Not many businessmen who are huge in the success in business today are much like Greg Lindberg, with a humble and giving heart with all his success and fame did not glorify himself but remained to be a man of dignity and not forgetting how he started as a business person that made him who he is today.

In this striving business world, one’s attitude in business and character will go a long way to success and can determine how he strives.

May the achievements of Greg Lindberg be a way to inspire aspiring business entrepreneurs and give encouragement to a more successful future filled with bright minds and innovation in the business industry.

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