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Important Guidelines to Help You Get the Right Bike Lock

If at all you have a bike, then the security of the bike is of utmost importance particular due to the price that it cost and the sentimental value that they hold. Below are some of the important guidelines to help you in getting the right bike lock.

U-locks are a special kind of locks that you should not miss particularly no considerations for a proper bike lock. This is particularly because U-locks have gained popularity amongst many bike lovers due to the fact that they have a bulky locking mechanism that helps them to be resistant to hammers, chisels and other equipment that could be used try and unlock the bike. They possess a horseshoe shape that limits the space that can be used to leverage the lock from the bike, provided that it is not oversized for the bike. U-locks vary in sizes and you should ensure that you get one that will be able to minimize the space between the bike and the lock to reduce the chances of leveraging and this is totally dependent on the size of the U-lock.

Another type of lock that you look at our cable locks. Even though cable looks may not be thief deterrent as U-locks, they are famously known for their versatile and adaptable features. For this reason, cable looks are appropriate in areas that are characterized with low crime rates due to the fact that they are susceptible to compromise if a thief uses a bolt cutter. Elsewhere, cable locks are a perfect combination with U-locks as this collaboration can easily ensure that the removable parts of the bike are also secure and this may include parts such as the seat.

You should also look into chain locks in order to find the right bike lock. Chain locks are advantageous because they have a high theft deterrence value due to the fact that they are specially built for areas that have high crime rates with chain links as the fundamental design to resist hack saws, chisels and various tools that can be used for leveraging. The right kind of padlock is however important in using chain locks to guarantee you of the sake of your bike.

Another thing that you need to ensure in getting the right bike lock and the various types of bike lock keys and combinations. One thing that you need to ensure you up for a keyed lock is that there is a key replacement program for the key lock maker when you’re acquiring the key lock to make sure that you not be stranded in the instance where lose your key. Combination locks are more advantageous as you do not need to carry your keys around but only a memory of the four digits of the combination.

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