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There are many people that are undergoing various body problems that at times they are not aware of. If these kinds of problems are not well taken care of, they might end up causing a lot of problems to the person that is affected by them. With the current generation, there are some problems such as that of facet disease that many people are facing despite their age, today.

This is said to be a term that mostly describes that painful degradation of the facet joints in the spine. This is one of the major reasons as to why many people are facing back pains due to the breaking down of the facet joints. Many people do not know about the existence of the facet joints that are found in our backs. They are used to withstand the pressure that is put on the back and also they are able to make sure that they absorb the shock that is taken to the spine on a daily basis. Growing old makes these joints to start wearing out and thus result to pain.

Facet disease is said to be that acute pain that we get to experience in our backs as a result of the wearing out of the facet joints. Since not so many people know about this problem, they will constantly referee to it as soreness or stiffness of the back. Above all other things, the major sign and symptom of this kind of problem is pain that we get to experience in our backs. Decreased mobility and also flexibility are also some of the symptoms of the disease. A person that has got this problem will find it hard for them to move around like they could do, back then.

Being tender near the joints that are damaged can also be another kind of sign and symptom that you are experiencing this disease. If you get to realize that you have these signs and symptoms then you should be able to seek medical advice as soon as possible so that you will be treated. Some of the problems that are may make a person to experience such problems are things like aging and also the normal wear and tear of the facet joints that we have in our spines. Another thing is that of abnormal stress and strain. Other sets that cause these problem are things like being involved in an accident or a sport injury.

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