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Know the Essentials of Having Timber Frames

One reason why a lot of home owners are preferring timber frames for their homes is that it is very sturdy, making their home a lot safer for everybody. Although this kind of construction is not new to us since it was started years ago, it has now become a trend in making stunning houses. Many people have been wanting to have a log home of their own because of its looks. Improvements have been done in creating log home designs, especially that high technology is already available in the market. Log homes are now used as a way of expressing art, which is done by expert home designers. It is also a trend to have a certain design for your log home that will make your lot bigger in appearance.

Joints of log homes back way back in time are connected through lap jointing. After that, there were other techniques used, such as tenon joints and pegged mortise. Diagonal braces were used in order to curb the vertical beam’s movement, which improved log homes. The need to use square rule and scribe in carpentry is practiced well, especially if you want your wood to be accurately measured. In finishing the walls of a log home, the spaces are filled with rubble, brick, or wattle. ‘Half-timbered’ is the term used if builders use other materials to fill in the spaces. If you want your home to look more traditional, you can put jetties. Although there are still a lot of log homes with jetties nowadays, it was more famous ages ago.

Jetties are made to lift the weight of the upper walls of the log home. Jetties have a great role in a log home, giving the house a sturdy and unique look. Jetties are made of strong wood timbers. The measurement of each wooden frames should be precise since it carries the weight of the whole building. The wooden frames make space bigger inside the home. If you are wondering how timber frames are made, these are actually done by professional craftsmen and carpenters with the use of the latest technology. The structure can be finished with the maximum of six weeks, which will depend on the size, if you will pick the best makers. Every piece of wood will be shipped to the site and will be reassembled as soon as possible since they already assembled the pieces in their factory.

Many people invest for log homes because as the years passed, a log home will look more gorgeous. Picking the best professionals who will make your log home is your priority, making you and your family safe. No major maintenance is needed when you have a strong log home, making your whole family bond more frequently. Your animals would even love to have their very own log home, which is more easy to construct.

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